Bunting progress…

Work in progress..

So Bunting week has gone ok.. I am learning lots that really should be obvious but doesn’t appear to be until I have already gone too far ! For example the lace could have been stitched inside when the bunting went together rather than afterwards so you don’t get double stitching lines (I resorted to fabric glue.)

I have to finish some work on the binding and I would like to do some fabric flowers on either side but here is how we are looking so far:



This week it is patchwork and turning it into a cushion – I need to learn how to insert a zip and I would like to learn how to do the piping cord around the perimeter. Good for ring cushions or personalised ones as wedding presents! I have started on some patchwork in some nice pink fabric for a cushion for my daughters room and my son has now put in an order for a blue one with his name on – good job his name only has 4 letters xxx

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