Wedding Favours

Weddings are a memorable occasion in ones life, so it is natural that a couple would wish to share this joy with their guests for them to remember this special day too. Many couples opt to do this in the form of wedding favours which also thank guests for sharing their special day.

Wedding favours remain hugely popular and there is a large resource of websites dedicated to helping you make this an easier process. The choice of favours is enormous and it may be an idea to try and choose gifts which the guests will hold on to and be of use. Further adding to the difficulty of choosing favours is making sure it fits in with the theme, location and colors of the wedding but most importantly for most – the budget. Having considered all of the above, there are still inexpensive favours you can consider.

A useful way to combine costs is to incorporate your wedding favours with place settings. With such a huge market these days, it is easy to find name cards which will fit in with your theme, and to add a personal touch, you could hand write the names yourself or include your own little message to each guest. Alternatively, you could opt to give gifts per couple as opposed to individually to suit your budget such as candles or notepads.

Giving guests an edible treat still remains a popular option and the choices are endless. A fun way to add your sense of style is to buy mini boxes and fill them with your favourite sweets. This favour is sure to be a hit with all those guests who have a sweet tooth and allows guests to take home the box as memorabilia.

Most importantly, make sure you have fun with your favours, and choose something that brings across both of your personalities your guest won’t forget.

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