Unique Alternatives to Traditional Floral Arrangements

Many modern brides wish to avoid the traditional, cookie cutter style wedding and an easy way to differentiate your wedding from the rest is with decoration. The styling of the venue creates personalisation and can bring together a theme perfectly. By expanding your horizons and avoiding the traditional, table centrepieces can help create the ambience you desire and also ensure that any themes are consistent and coherent throughout the day’s celebrations.

As wedding catering is becoming more sociable, edible centrepieces for your guests are perfect conversation starters – as well as providing light bites whilst waiting for speeches or the next course. Examples include decorated fruit towers (www.fruitybouquet.com/)and the use of kitsch, old fashioned sweets that can be incorporated with flowers to give a twist on the conventional – perfect for those with a brightly coloured theme! Another confection gaining popularity is the use of macarons; this cosmopolitan treat is visually striking and can be used as a centrepiece for tables or as an option on the dessert trolley.

Other contemporary ideas focus on height, a striking, tall centrepiece immediately adds glamour, whereas a lower option is much more subtle and is more often used to create a vintage feel. With the taller option, plumes of feathers are often used to create a modern glamour – a theme popular across many aspects of wedding planning. As opposed to a vintage feel, some cutting edge brides include technology and sleek lines to decorate their venues with the use of LED lights gaining momentum; these are particularly suited to the wintry themes that incorporate a colder colour scheme. The truly avant-garde bride could also try something totally out of the box – live fish! A conversation starter and entertainment rolled into one a live fish bowl can bring together a beach theme or perhaps a, minimal theme in which the fish reflect a colour scheme. Other fish bowl ideas include floating flowers, candles and pebbles.

If flowers are the only way for you, quirky ideas can be implemented using different containers for the floral arrangements. Examples include tea cups and teapots for that vintage feel, small buckets that work perfectly with beach themes and old fashioned jars or bottles.



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