The Biggest Day Before Your Big Day: Preparation For Wedding Dress Shopping

So much planning, dreaming, anticipation and research goes into the one big day in planning a wedding – choosing the dress

Here at Rina Roberts we are committed to providing the most personal and professional experience from the first try on to gown collection and appointments go so much smoother if brides follow these few tips…

1. The internet is the best – and the worst – thing for wedding ideas. Using it to identify your favourite style could be a mistake as wedding dresses can only really be judged when you try them on! Enter the boutique with an open mind and let us help to choose styles that we feel will suit your wedding, budget and body shape.

2. Au naturel is definitely preferred when trying on wedding gowns! Fake tan, perfume and make up are recipes for disaster when trying on such delicate garments and you need to remember that on the day you might have a totally different look with regards to make-up and hair so choosing the right dress is easier bare faced!

3. Too many cooks – or bridesmaids – spoil the broth! Be limited and careful when choosing friends and family to accompany you and to give you their opinions. Wedding dress shopping throws all usual rules out of the window and if there are too many opinions flying about you can become overwhelmed and confused. We recommend just two – three at a maximum – to accompany you and help choose the gown that suits your personality and style.

4. Underwear. A wedding dress is designed to fit to the body and the right underwear can transform the silhouette and drape of the gown. If you’re comfortable in the biggest magic pants on offer then wear them to your fitting, or if you know that you want to wear a bra under your gown make sure you bring one in the right size and shape to support your figure. Lingerie forms the building blocks of a gown and can make a huge difference on the fit!

5. Hair – whether it be colour, length or style, hair can change the look of a gown in an instant. Consider accessories, veil options and whether to have hair up or down in order to choose a dress that complements your look or choose a hairstyle that flatters your style and the neckline of the chosen gown after your first appointment.

6. Enjoy yourself! Leave any stress and worry about wedding planning at the door and relax, take your time and really enjoy the moment of choosing one of the most important outfits of your life!

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