Get your wedding style

For most time fortunate brides who set out at least 12 months in advance of their wedding date start the process of planning their wedding in stages.  One of the key things to remember when planning the look and feel for your wedding is to look for a theme or style that will reflect both the bride & grooms personalities, as this will really give your wedding a more unique and personal touch.

Once the venue has been booked the next stage is usually the dress.  Be open minded with your dress and look at what is best suited to your personality and don’t be afraid to try things, as all dresses will look different off the hanger once they are tried on as this is when  they are brought to life.

Look for quirky elements that reflect what’s on trend now, for example bows and broaches are very on trend this season and also add an element of fun to any wedding dress.   For brides searching for wedding dresses in Birmingham and surrounding areas you will not be left without choice. There is such great inspiration from the city that you can draw on when looking for something different to get your wedding style. Don’t be afraid to step away from classic and steer towards being classically different.

Looking at styles, colours & themes for the day are usually next on the agenda but try and keep things consistent.  More often than not most people will look at what suits their chosen venue but if you’re feeling a little lost don’t be afraid just do your research.

The biggest dilemma is whether you go classic, retro, vintage or even rock! Many people will opt for the more classic styles of styling a wedding but think beyond classic and go for classic with a twist. You can add modern twists in your evening entertainment, wedding breakfast menu and even your wedding dress. Happy Styling!


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