Finishing Touches

So that time has come where you’ve finally found the perfect dress you’ve being dreaming of since being a little girl, and after all those years of dreaming, the day has finally arrived, but the dress is not complete without accessorising it.

The most obvious choice when you think of accessorising is jewellery, but it is important to avoid overdoing it. There are lots of aspects to consider when choosing jewellery to compliment your dress, such as the dress neckline, beadwork and your chosen hairstyle for the day, but a simplistic way to add elegance to your dress is by choosing earrings, whether they are studs or drop down they will be sure to change the overall appearance.

As a bride you will be on your feet for long periods, if not the whole day, so it is key that you find shoes that not only enhance your dress, but are comfortable. Most brides opt for satin, velvet or silk shoes as these are often timeless and classic. It is important to match your shoes to the dress to create the perfect combination.

Brooches are available in many different forms, ranging from material flowers to diamante brooches. These are a simple and effective way of adding extra features to your dress and a simple diamante brooch on the waist change a dress from looking plain to dazzling. A detailed belt can also have a similar effect.

Jackets/shrugs can play a huge part in transforming your dress and is a great way of adding a bit of modesty in the church or if you want to change your dress from a daytime look for the ceremony to a night time look for the party.

Don’t forget about your hair and make up which we follow up in the coming weeks…

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