Drama Queen

Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton had the most talked about weddings of 2011, withBritainearning an extra bank holiday for Prince Williams and Kate’s special occasion, so it is hardly surprising that we look to these celebrity weddings to draw inspiration from. The tendency to create sensationalism and hype around such event is inevitable and with this in mind do such weddings make us forget the true meaning of marriage – the coming together of a couple for them to declare their love for one another in front of their loved ones.

With Kim Kardashian’s wedding lasting a short 72 days, it is easy to question whether people get sucked into the whirlwind idea of a big wedding and enter into marriage knowing that a divorce is so easily available.

Sensationalist celeb weddings project the image that it is desirable to have huge glamorous wedding, with expensive transport and venues. Kate Middleton for a royal modestly had two dresses from her designer Sarah Burton and Kim Kardashian having three wedding dressers from the infamous Vera Wang. One needs to ask the questions as to whether there is a need to create more sensationalism by expanding on the bridal wardrobe.

On the flip side if we look at singer/songwriter Mylene Klass who opted for a secret wedding of just 16 guests, we remember that a wedding is about celebrating the bond you have created with that special partner and low key weddings are just as special as large lavish celebrations.

Every bride dreams about their wedding, and therefore it is important to tailor the wedding to you and your partners wishes and ultimately have a wedding you will enjoy looking back on in years to come.

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