Do We Really Know Our Dream Dress?

Yes it’s true; we may not know THE dress but at Rina Roberts Bridal Wear, we make one suggestion to our brides when in doubt and that is trust the wild card, just in case.

So as the ladies try their vision of their wedding dress, they look at themselves in approval and back off to change into the wild card that we have suggested for that specific individual. They come out and they don’t believe their eyes! Turns out some women think that the wild card is the dress that they know is the one.

But there is an advantage, when the day comes and people are preparing for the ceremony to start. They are most likely to know what you will most probably be wearing when you make your grand entrance. But make them eat their words and come out to surprise everyone and still look astonishing.

This happened to a woman by the name of Julie shopping for her wedding dress in Birmingham and Staffordshire. She came into the boutique one day and had a vision in her mind of how her dress was supposed to look like. She imagined a lace slim dress with thick lace straps. We allowed her to rummage through our dresses to find the ones similar to her vision. Then we suggested something different. Not completely different but including her lust for lace but giving her a hint of strapless but with a lace jacket to give the same sense of straps. She looked at this dress before she tried it on, and wasn’t convinced; however she tried it on with close friends and family in the other room and came out with tears of joy in her eyes and announced that this dress was the one for her. Her friends and relatives agreed and told us that she needed to have it.

So this just proves, its always a start to know what you’re looking for but give something else a go, just to give you an idea on what its like. You never know. It might be the perfect dress for the perfect day.



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