11 Things to Avoid Before Your Big Day

1)      Greasy Fast Food- this may cause breakouts and blotchy skin, you want your skin to look as radiant as possible.

2)      Carbonated drinks & wheat products- as this may cause excessive bloating , last thing you want when you are about to get into your wedding dress

3)      Facials 48hrs before the day as this will make your skin sensitive to touch

4)      Eyebrow waxing and threading, as you may get wax burns and redness, try and go at least 4 days before

5)      Alcohol as it will dehydrate you and your skin won’t look as flawless

6)      Sticky fabric tape on your dress as this will cause irritation throughout the day

7)      Late nights as you don’t want bags or dark circles

8)      Don’t eat anything you haven’t tried before or are not used to as it may cause tummy upset

9)      Don’t wash your hair on the day of your wedding if you’re having an up do as your hairdresser will need something to work with to keep it in place

10)   Don’t wear new make-up that you have never tried before as it may give you a rash or unsightly reaction

11)   Avoid a spray tan 24hrs before as it may rub onto your gown, go for one about 48hrs before instead


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