10 Top Tips To The Most Fabulous Wedding Photos

Here are some great tips for your wedding photography from leading wedding photographer Sy Feeney…

1. Wedding make up- Make the most of eye lashes, they are the most dramatic part of make up as they can stand out at a distance, false lashes even more.

2. Weather is not an issue, even if it rains it is not an issue as the pictures can still look amazing and even better than you expected

3. Don’t worry about having a spot or bad skin on the day it won’t be seen on your pictures.

4. Organise a short and concise list of group photos for the bridal party in advance.

5. Have a spare pair of shoes that are comfortable to go between shoots think about boots if it is snowing or wet.

6. You don’t have to keep looking at the camera; best pictures usually look natural, with you relating to friends and family.

7. Make sure you spend some time mixing with your guests, they make for good natural pictures.

8. You may know a friend with a good camera; this will not get you good pictures. A professional with experience of photographing hundreds of weddings will be confident in all situations, and always get fantastic pictures of the day.

9. Cutting your cake just before the first dance is a good draw for gathering guests around the dance floor, so you can start first dance straight after. People will gather for a cake cutting.

10. Don’t worry about overzealous vicars and registrars restricting pictures. A good photographer will always get wonderful pictures as well as being respectful to the ceremony. I have worked with the best, and the worst, patience is the key.

For more information on your wedding day photography please contact Sy;

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