How to Make Planning a Wedding a Breeze

Everyone knows planning a wedding is stressful and can be a lot of hard work coordinating.  There are avenues where help is available and the first place brides will look is online. You can search online for many websites that give you tips and ideas on how you can get organised and give ideas on how to plan with the time you have until the big day, however, half of the battle is finding a platform where you can channel all your wedding day details on one forum and making it interactive too.

The answer to your prayers, website,  lets you create your own wedding website where you can have complete control over the content and choose your own templates to suit you.   You can add information about your venue, dress code, itineraries, post gift list, take paypal payment for cash gifts and so much more. It’s a great tool pre and post wedding as you can upload all your best pics from the big day for your guest to see. How easy would it be and how cost effective is it to direct all your guests to your website and you update information on there about your special day for them to see.

Not only will you be saving yourself a bit of money but you will also be having a more sustainable wedding by reducing paper & postage cost & carbon emissions with the lift sharing facility.

Forget long invites where there is a mountain of information on them that no one really reads just send them all to your wedding web page and they can see all the details for themselves.  An added bonus is that this site is currently free to use so check it out it’s a must for all busy brides looking for some help!


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