Get in Shape for Your Wedding

For most brides looking her best on her wedding day is the most important part of her big day.  At Rina Roberts Bridal Wear they have some great ideas on how you can stay trim without leaving yourself stressed out before you have even started.

Firstly ask yourself whether you want to lose weight and drop a dress size or if you want to just tone up and get in better shape. Both will require a combination of healthy eating and exercise.  Plan out with your bridal consultant how long you have until you can get measured for your dress and then how long you have until your first fitting for it. This is important as you don’t want to risk ordering a dress too big or too small for you as this may change the look of the dress entirely from what you imagined.

For instance if we take 3 months as an example time frame this will give you enough time to introduce yourself to a new regime which incorporates good cardio workouts and toning sessions alongside a balanced healthy eating plan and the rest is up to you (always consult your doctor before taking out any major change in routine).

Brides that need an extra helping hand and some motivation why not seek out a personal trainer to help you on your way.  Rina Roberts recommends TF fitness based in Tamworth, who offer one to one training to all clients in a private facility.  They are also offering all brides to be a 20% discount upon booking and an introduction session free!  TF fitness offers a private consultation to all brides and will advise on meal plans and monitor your progress right up until the date of your first dress fitting.  If you are a bride looking for a wedding dress in Birmingham, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield or just looking for some good advice, contact Rina Roberts Bridal Wear where will be happy to help.


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