7 fab tips to choosing the right wedding dress!

Here are your 7 fab tips to consider when choosing your perfect wedding dress ♥

1)   Keep an open mind on style you never know what it will look like when you have it on

2)   Go Ivory or natural for the colour as this will complement your natural skin tones and make you look radiant when the flash from the photographers camera hits you.

3)   Imagine yourself at the venue with the dress on and with your H2B this will help you see if it’s the right dress!

4)   Look for a style that reflects you personality rather than one that says nothing about you

5)   Always try and look your best when you go out trying on potential wedding dresses this way you will feel fabulous

6)   Take someone who is critical and honest with you as they will tell you what you REALLY look like in that dress!

7)   Listen to advice on fabrics and style as this won’t cost you a penny and can be valuable when making your choice.



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